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In welcoming of Pumpkin Spice Season, aka Fall, aka Killer of Summer, I’m sharing my top five pumpkin spice treasures. Pumpkin Spice shopping might be the only thing keeping me from wearing of the black, in mourning of my beloved summer season. Before Pumpkin Spice, I may or may not have curled into a ball until spring.  



#5. Pumpkin Spice Pillsbury Grands – Not only do they make your home smell delicious, there’s a bonus: icing. Even you haters of the pumpkin have to admit they smell delicious.


#4. Dairy Queen Pumpkin Pie Blizzard – Get it early in the season when it’s still warm enough for frozen treats, or sit in your car with the heat turned up.


#3. Pumpkin Pie Kit Kats – Yes, they’re out there. You have to look. Start the hunt today.


#2. Pumpkin Spice Cheerios – Like regular Cheerios, but pumpkiny. Definitely worth chasing down every last O as they try to escape your spoon.


#1. Pumpkin Pie PopTarts – Not only are they stamped “Special Edition” on the box, making the buyer feel especially grateful to have found them, they taste like the best part of Thanksgiving wrapped up inside a foil packet.


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Lena Scott is in a world of hurt. She’s being forced to pay off her ex’s debts to people who’d rather kill her than look at her…and are making demands she’s desperate to avoid. But kidnapping and murder? Hell, no. When the threats turn deadly, Lena refuses to be a pawn any longer.
Five years ago, U.S. Marshal Dane Ryan left his old life and went into witness protection alone to keep his family safe. Working for Task Force Phoenix under a new identity, it’s his job to protect others from those who’d harm them.

When the beautiful and mysterious Lena lures him into danger, he suddenly doesn’t know who to trust. She has her own agenda, and they both have big secrets, but for either to survive, they’ll need to work together to defeat their mutual enemy. Falling in love will only mean more to lose…



One very early morning, Allison B. Hanson woke up with a conversation going on in her head. It wasn’t so much a dream as being forced awake by her imagination. Unable to go back to sleep, she gave in, went to the computer, and began writing. Years later it still hasn’t stopped. Allison lives near Hershey, Pennsylvania. Her contemporary romances include paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, and mystery suspense. She enjoys candy immensely, as well as long motorcycle rides, running and reading.




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