Wish List for August 2018

It’s almost time for our favorite season that’s filled with pumpkin spice lattes. It’s not quite here yet. Almost. We can almost taste them. We’ll settle for our lavender honey lattes for now. It’s also time for our latest wish list as the editors at Entangled Publishing are looking for the next breakout hit. Could that be your book? Make sure to read until the end as we have some special calls as well. Each month, we have a new wish list from our editors. Watch for them as they’ll change monthly. Let’s discover each other today!

All submissions can be sent through our Submittable system. The link can be found here: http://www.entangledpublishing.com/submission-information/



August 2018 wish list

General Entangled submission requests:

  • Rom-coms! We love ‘em. Send them all!
  • We are always on the hunt for high-concept books featuring marginalized characters.


Heather Howland, Senior Editor

I’m most interested in acquiring upbeat, popular romance in the 60k and 80k ranges, and psychological thrillers anywhere from 80k-100k (romance optional). All contemporary. Hook me with your high-concept twist, fun-to-read characters, and fresh, relevant worldview.


Alycia Tornetta, Editorial Director


– Sweet, small-town romances with fresh meet-cutes/takes on tropes. (Coastal settings welcome!)

– Romantic comedies with heart

– Sexy contemporary feat SEAL heroes

– High-concept premise with lots of romantic tension

– Historical romance with a fun hook

– Fish out of water trope in an unexpected setting

– Bookshop setting

– Women’s fiction in the vein of Emily Giffin and Madie Dawson. Romantic, complex, and thought-provoking.



– Historical/ Historical fantasy

– Bold, timely stories from diverse authors

– Different narrative structure (nonlinear timeline, unreliable narrator, etc)

– Fantasy with slow burn romance


Alethea Spiridon, Senior Editor

  • I’d like a road-trip romance for any line.


Candace Havens, Editorial Director of Embrace and AMARA digital

AMARA: We’re looking for big stories, with memorable characters, and a strong romance (or romances) throughout. In contemporary, we want those big ideas with a fun twist. Historical we want Vikings, Regencies, and we’re always happy about Highlanders. In paranormal, we’re looking for big, high-concept ideas with brotherhoods or band of brothers type stories. And we want high-stakes thrillers with a strong, slow-burn romance. We are especially seeking diverse stories with high concept ideas. These novels must be 80k and above.

EMBRACE: We’re looking for big stories with sexy romances that have characters either in late university life or just starting out in “real life.” We are especially seeking diverse stories and high concept ideas.


Wendy Chen, Editor

Wendy Chen is looking for a fresh voice for contemporary category imprints. I would love a small-town coastal setting with a law enforcement hero, who is strong and serious, and a heroine who makes him (and the reader) laugh out loud with her witty spirit. Diverse main and secondary characters welcome and encouraged.

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