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Ten Days with the Highlander by Hayson Manning

[box]There’s no way Callum MacGregor is going to let a gorgeous American turn his hotel in the Scottish Highlands over to bored tourists looking to satisfy their Outlander fantasies. But if he can get go-getter Georgia Paxton to slow down and see the magic of the town and its people, maybe he won’t have to run her out of the county…or his heart.[/box]


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Her Sexy Challenge by Sarah Ballance

[box]Lt. Shane Hendricks is only two weeks away from leaving Dry Rock. He sure as hell doesn’t need to get involved withCaitlin Tyler, a woman he has to rescue twice in one day. The fact that she’s clearly annoyed by him doesn’t deter him from throwing down a challenge—one that proves hard to resist for all the wrong reasons.  They’re moving in different directions. Leaving should be easy, but falling for Caitlin might be the one fire he can’t put out… [/box]


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Two Dukes and a Lady by Lorna James

[box]Dukes Charles Ashdown and William Kenwood love womanizing too much to ever be ensnared by a debutante. Certainly, no decent wife would allow their debauchery. But the only woman they’ve ever loved is back. After her husband’s mysterious death, Lillian Drew finds solace with her girlhood crushes, Charles and William. When her dead husband’s creditors hound her, she has no choice but to remarry, though she can’t make up her mind which duke she’ll propose to.[/box]

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The Wolf of Kismul Castle by Heather McCollum

[box]Mairi Maclean is kidnapped on her wedding day. Taken north to Kisimul Castle, she is held captive. Alec MacNeil, The Wolf of Kisimul Castle, soon learns Mairi is not a docile pawn in this game of war between neighboring Scots. When he finds his enemy dead, he takes his wife to replace the one that was murdered. But Mairi refuses to bend to his will, and the passion that flares between them threatens to tear Alec’s strategy apart.[/box] [learn_more caption=”Buy Now”] [/learn_more]



How to Marry a Marquess by Stacy Reid

[box]Lady Evie Chesterfield is a darling of the ton who refuses to become engaged. She’s been desperately in love with her brother’s friend, Richard Maitland, Marquess of Westfall, since forever. But the dark, dangerous marquess only sees her has a friend and refuses to marry any woman. When circumstances change and Evie has no choice but to take a husband, she decides to convince London’s most notorious gentleman to marry her by seducing the scoundrel.[/box]

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New releases from Entangled Teen:




Breakaway by Cate Cameron

[box]Eighteen-year-old NHL player Logan Balanchuk came to Corrigan Falls to distract himself from his career-ending injury. He doesn’t want to even hear the word “hockey,” so when he meets Dawn, a beautiful, free-spirited girl who goes skinny-dipping instead of watching the draft, he’s intrigued. But she’s already done her time as a hockey player’s girlfriend—now she wants to live her own life and have her own adventures…[/box]


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Taming the Rebel by Dawn Klehr

[box]Rebel Hart should be at home taking care of her father after his breakup with his boyfriend, not tromping through the woods at summer camp. He’s had his heart broken beyond repair, and the way she sees it, there’s only one person to blame—the boyfriend’s son. So when that infuriatingly gorgeous quarterback turns up at the same camp, she plans to make him pay. [/box]


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Love in the Friend Zone by Molly E. Lee

[box]Braylen didn’t even want to go to Lennon Pryor’s epic graduation-night party, but when her BFF Fynn begs her to be his “wingwoman,” she can’t deny him. Too bad she’s been secretly in love with him for years. But over the course of the coolest party of their high school careers, Fynn starts to see that perhaps what he really wants has been in front of him all along. Too bad he’d rather have her in his life as a friend than not at all.[/box]


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[box]Newly minted “bad girl” Meg Matthews never thought she’d be the victim of blackmail. But when Luke Prescott catches her graffiti-ing the school, he holds her future in his hands. One fake relationship in exchange for his silence… But as they grow closer, they realize they’ve been keeping secrets from each other. Can they learn to open up to the one person they never thought they’d trust?[/box] [learn_more caption=”Buy Now”]  [/learn_more]  

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