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When you are getting ready to start a new book, what’s the first thing you do?

How do yoLisa9-200X200u celebrate when you finish writing a book? I usually do a happy dance in my office and then my sweet hubby takes me out for celebration dinner… Whew!

Have you had any fun fan moments since you became a writer?

I’ve had lots of great moments with readers, but probably my favorites are the photo contests I host when a new book comes out! Right now I have the Night Demon & Me contest going and people post their pics with Night Demon. I share them and at the end I make a reader collage for the series facebook page. One winner gets picked randomly for goodies too! ☺ You can see the pics so far over here… and the collages from my previous releases are posted here…

Do you usually begin a book with a character or a plot?

Usually with a character, although when I’m writing a series, I usually find the character for the next book within the one I’m writing. I knew Lukas would be the hero of Night Demon the moment I met him while writing Night Walker… ☺

Who would play your hero/heroine in the tv or film version of your book?

When I was writing Night Demon, Lukas was definitely Goran Visnjic!! I fell in love with him when he was on ER. He has so much tortured passion in his eyes. While I wrote his scenes in the book, I also referred back to my DVD of USA’s mini-series of Spartacus. Goran played the tortured gladiator so perfect! It was heartbreaking, but beautiful and that’s exactly how I saw Lukas in my head… You can see pics of the characters and places on my Pinterest board.

Did you have any interesting experiences when you were researching your book, or getting it published?

ClimbingupChichenItzaWhile researching for Night Demon I took my kids on a trip to Cancun Mexico so I could tour Mayan ruins. When we got to Chichen Itza they still allowed you to climb the El Castillo pyramid. It was so steep that we crawled up so I didn’t realize how high up we were until I stood at the top. YIKES.
Needless to say, I started hyperventilating and told the kids I needed a helicopter to lower me down. I stared down the steep, narrow steps, envisioning my bloody bones in a heap at the bottom. Without any kind of handrail, I didn’t see any way I would ever reach the bottom alive. My son, Reno, was a little guy then and he took my hand and said “Mama just sit down and we’ll scoot on our butts.”
Together Reno and I polished every step on the El Castillo pyramid! LOL Not one of my prouder moments, but I did get down safely! ☺

Are you a pantser or a plotter?

I’m a pantser, but I almost always know what the big final scene will be, I just don’t know how I’m going to get there until I write the book… ☺

Do you prefer print books or eBooks?

I read all my book in eBook format now… I can’t remember the last paper book I read… Yikes!

What’s in the works for you?

I’m finishing up writing the next book in the Night Series, Night Child, and the next book in my new Moon Series, Blood Moon. Both will be released in 2014. The Moon Series will launch beginning with Moonlight in July 2013 and followed be up with Hunter’s Moon in October. In December of this year I also have my first book in Entangled’s Covet line, Beg Me to Slay. It’s going to be a busy 2013! ☺

About Night Demon



Deep within the Yucatan jungle, a demon has awakened…

Gretchen Finch’s job would be much easier if she weren’t alone in the jungle with a brilliant recluse whose every glance sets her on fire. But the more she focuses on her work, the closer she gets to unlocking the mysteries of a terrible creature—the Night Demon—that threatens the world as she knows it. Though her scientific mind tells her it’s impossible, she’s beginning to believe the ancient Mayan tales as the sinister jungle comes alive around her.

Lukas Smith has spent hundreds of years searching for answers to his immortal Night Walker nature. As a series of ancient glyphs become clear, he’s about to find out more than he’d ever hoped, but the more he learns, the more his fate intertwines with the Night Demon, and the harder it becomes to hide his immortal secret from the beautiful, intelligent Gretchen.

Together, they must find a way to stop the inexplicable violence and mass destruction surging across the earth before the Night Demon destroys more than just mankind.


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