Favorite Kissing Scene from Her Secret, His Surprise by Paula Altenburg

Her Secret, His Surprise, featuring Cass Stone and Logan Alexander, is one of my favorite books! Cass is an engineer who works for an aerospace and defence company. Logan is a government spy trying to discover who’s behind the secrets being leaked from Cass’s department. Cass and Logan had a one-night stand a few years ago. She was at a defence conference where he was working undercover.

She doesn’t know he’s a spy and he doesn’t know she had his baby… These two have secrets! He can’t tell her she’s under investigation, and he really, really doesn’t want to hear her confirm that her baby is his. Not until the investigation is over. He’d be in a serious conflict of interest position. Cass tried to find him when she found out she was pregnant and couldn’t, and now, she’s not willing to share her daughter. When it comes to family, she’s got a lot of baggage.

The best part about this book?

I worked in this industry. If you mishandle sensitive government documents, you end up with people like Logan on your tail—except maybe not quite so hot.

Trust me. You only make that mistake once.

So here it is, my favorite kissing scene from the book.

Logan still doesn’t know about their daughter. Cass is trying to pretend she doesn’t remember him and he’s calling her bluff. He’s in for such a shock:

He was the one who’d taken on this role, he reminded himself. She’d formed the opinion he’d planted. And now, she was trying to figure him out, too.

She was clever. He had to keep her unsettled so she’d stop asking questions. He knew what would put some distance between them.

He plucked the cup towel from her fingers, then slid one palm to the back of her head and the other to the small of her back. Surprise deepened the color of her eyes as he drew her tight against him.

He gave her two seconds to think about what his next move might be. Then he dipped his chin and met her lips with his.

He hadn’t forgotten how good she’d tasted two years ago, but he hadn’t anticipated how much better she’d taste now. He’d only wanted to see if he could still make her respond, despite her less than flattering opinion of him.

And she did.

Her fingers curled into the front of his shirt, pulling her to her toes to meet his greater height, her mouth moving willingly beneath his. A soft sigh sounded low in her throat, and before he knew what was happening, his own fingers had slid beneath the thin fabric of her T-shirt to touch her bare skin.

Satisfaction filled him. No, she hadn’t forgotten him, and no, he hadn’t been mistaken about their one brief night together. The attraction was still there and most definitely mutual. Right now, if he wanted to, he could take this kiss to a whole other level.

But their present situation was far too complicated for that. His goal was to push her away. They already skated a fine line between personal and professional that could only cause problems neither one of them needed.

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