Top 5 Movie Kisses We Want to Experience


Ah movies. They give us some of the most epic kisses imaginable.  Check out the Top 5 Movie Kisses we would love to recreate.


1. The Young Innocent Kiss


If we could go back in time and recreate this… Oh Vada and Thomas J. What a sweet and innocent first kiss. You never forget your first kiss, so bonus points that you will remember your childhood friend fondly forever.


2. The Kiss in the Rain


The rain kiss has been done many times and each one is epic in it’s own way. But this kiss from Breakfast at Tiffany’s tops our list because of the special third party involved… Hello kitty!


3. The Exception Kiss


You know that kiss you’ve been dreaming about? The one with that ONE person who you’re sure has totally friend-zoned you? Then all of a sudden…BOOM! Love that unexpected kiss. And the “You’re the exception” to go along with it? SWOON!


4. The Middle of the Dance Floor Kiss


Have you ever just stood in the middle of the dance floor, waiting for this kiss? No? Just us? Ok moving on… This kiss though, when your eyes meet and you just know that he’s coming for YOU. Oh the butterflies. We’d put on our totally dated prom dress one more time just for this kiss.


5. The I Don’t Even Feel The Wall With All That Stuff On It Kiss


Maybe it’s the passion or maybe it’s just Timothy Olyphant, whatever the reason, this kiss is HOT. Like get-a-room hot. And we really want to be kissed like this. Now. Seriously.


What movie kiss do you want to experience? Let us know in the comments or find us on Twitter and tell us!

Check back this week as we dish on the “other” movie kisses. You know, the ones that look totally romantic, but IRL would just not work.

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