Ask the Authors: What are some of your New Year’s Resolutions?

It’s that time of the year again…you know, the time when you decide how the new year is going to bring out a new you? And because we’re naturally curious (invasive) beings, we decided to ask our authors what some of their New Year’s Resolutions are! Check it out:

N.J. Walters, author of Drakon’s Promise

Every new year I tend to say I’m going to do the same things—find the right balance between work and life, eat better, exercise, and meditate more. I manage to do some of these things, at least for a while, but each year I promised myself anew that I’ll try to do better. I want to do more of the things that make me afraid and push my boundaries both creatively and as a person. I want to do more of the things that make me happy instead of putting them off for some day. For me, January is a time of renewal and new beginnings.



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Dawn Chartier, author of Forever Charmed

I always say my resolution is to get better organized. I try for a little while, but it doesn’t last long. Same goes for eating healthy and working out. I’m addicted to chocolate and popcorn. It’s a fact. LOL Another resolution this coming year is that I want to better my craft. I’m eager to learn new ways to write better and faster. Happy New Year!



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Harper A. Brooks, author of The Hunt

I’m going to focus more on writing this year. I have a lot of plans for the Shifter Origins series, and I need to concentrate more and get these stories out! And since my husband and I just bought our first home, most of my goals involve the house and making it ready for a family.



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 Kristin Miller, author of The San Francisco Wolf Pack Boxed Set

I don’t usually make hardcore New Years’ resolutions because I think they’re broken so easily. I call mine “more and less resolutions”. They’re usually things like, “Drink less soda and work out more,” or “Drink more water, publish more books, and complain less.” I like thinking of them that way because it leaves more wiggle room. As long as I’m making the right changes, at a slow and steady rate, I’ll succeed in the end, right? Just like the hare? (If I’m wrong, don’t burst my bubbleI’m happy in here.)

This year, my resolution is to read more and accumulate less. I’ve read more books this year than the last five combined and I’ve missed it. I’d like to read a book a month while keeping up with my normal writing schedule. As far as the accumulating goes, I recently realized, after living in the same home for the last decade, we’ve stocked this place full up. It’s overwhelming when I think about how much “stuff” we have. It’s time to clean out, let go, and give things away so they can be used by others who might love those them as much as we have.

2016 has been rough—one of those years when I really felt the “low”. This coming year, I’m praying for a happy and healthy 2017. I’m praying for *you* too. #nothingbutlove



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Now it’s your turn! Share your New Year’s Resolutions (or as Kristin Miller would say, your “more and less resolutions”) in the comments! And don’t forget to pick up your copies of the authors’ latest releases!

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  • My resolution is to enjoy my new year as a retired state employee…today when I left my office, it was official…I am no longer employed. Now I can devote more time to writing book reviews and creating unique one of a kind pieces of jewelry. But first, one solid week of doing nada, nothing, zilch, just relaxing and getting used to not rushing off before daylight to catch a bus in all sorts of weather.

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