Meet the Authors: Which two books would you save from a burning library?

Because we are secretly big meanies under our happily ever after loving hearts (just kidding), we asked our authors which two books-and ONLY two books-they would save from a burning library. This is almost an impossible question for book lovers to answer, and as you will see, some of the authors tried to cheat. (; But hey, we weren’t completely mean. Two books is better than one, right?

A.S. Green


Anything rare or out of print, I suppose!


Jolyse Barnett


Argh! It’s so difficult to choose only two books out of the thousands that have impacted my life over the years. But, I promise to do my best. As a grammar nerd, I’d save The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. Not only was the famous playwright instrumental in standardizing the English language, but he created about 1,700 original English words and phrases—many of which we still use today. Next, I’d have to save Bet Me, by Jennifer Crusie, a heartwarming, sexy, and hilarious novel that introduced me to the romantic comedy subgenre. I’d love for future romance readers to experience the same joy I get every time I read it.


Boone Brux


Urantia, because I can read it over and over and never absorb all the information. Any other book I can get my hands on. Save the Books!


Katana Collins

I’m going to assume that grabbing my e-reader doesn’t count as an answer? Since I could basically save ALL my books on that. 😉 Assuming the e-reader doesn’t count, I’d grab the hard cover copy of Little Women I’ve had since I was a child and my journal.


How about you? Which two books would you save from a burning library?



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