Five Fun, Romantic Dates in a Small Town

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by Jenna Rutland

Sometimes when we think about small towns, one of the first questions that pops in our heads is what is there to do on dates? Since we’re celebrating small town romances this week, I came up with five run, romantic dates:

  1. Quirky annual event/fair – Even the smallest town in America has some annual festivities, whether it be a spring celebration, summer county fair, or a fall festival. In my fictional small town of Lake Bliss, the townspeople participate each summer in a fair featuring frozen turkey bowling!
  2. Miniature golf and a milkshake – Nothing screams summer dating than trying to putt a bright pink golf ball through a windmill and becoming ridiculously excited when you get a hole in one! Top that off with a smooth, creamy shake and that’s one fun date.
  3. Outdoor concert and picnic – Sitting on a blanket in the grass, sipping fresh-squeezed lemonade while listening to a local band with your date lets you enjoy the weather, the music, and the perfect atmosphere for flirting.
  4. Stargazing – Leave the city limits and you’ll find yourself falling in love with not only your date, but the wide open sky, fresh air, and the sounds of nature serenading you.
  5. Drive-in theater – If you’re lucky enough to live in a small town where there is a drive-in theater, pack up your popcorn and snacks (maybe a blanket to snuggle under) and head to the movies. Pick a thriller and you’ll have plenty of excuses to huddle close!

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Hot man for hire…

Rachel Clarke is a single mom with three boys, and she needs help. Now. Unfortunately, her only option is John MacDonald—her high school sweetheart and the disgraced hometown hero who’s just returned to Lake Bliss. He’s perfect for the job. He cooks, he cleans, and he’s amazing with kids. He’s also still far too sinfully hot for Rachel’s comfort…

Rachel is just as gorgeous as John remembers. But in order for his new youth activity center to be a success, John needs Rachel’s help to earn the town’s trust back. In exchange, he’ll take care of her boys for the summer while she works. Except keeping their relationship strictly business is harder than he imagined. But summer can’t last forever, and when it ends, so will their arrangement—and John’s time in Lake Bliss.


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