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TBDP-500pxThere’s a lovely national historic area in Vancouver, British Columbia called Gastown. The epicenter of all things art, food, design, culture – basically anything cool – Gastown is also home to a famous, authentic and fully-functional steam clock that announces the quarter hour and displays the time on four faces.

A couple of years ago, I worked mere steps away from this clock and grew to love the sound of that whistling chime. Naturally, I decided to set a book here in Gastown. There’s a wonderful brewpub just down the street as well, called Steamworks, which contains a working brewery and sells some truly wonderful beer. So naturally again, I figured I’d create a hero who owned a place something like Steamworks.

Research is tough, people, but someone’s got to do it. ☺

Anyone who’d created such a fantastic business would have to be, I figured, a very talented, driven man. Perfect alpha hero material, right? But because his work revolves around food and drink, he’d have to have the sensual soul of an artist, as well. Are you in love yet?

Dane Bergman is a classic Leo, the lion-hearted ruler of his kingdom, a generous, luxury-loving man who knows what he wants and always gets it. He’s a great lover of romance, but when it comes to actual relationships, he keeps his heart under wraps because deep down, he can’t bear rejection.

Enter a little daughter he never knew he had, who has just lost her mother and has zero interest in this bumbling stranger called “Daddy.”

The only one who can possibly help him navigate this new world is his trustworthy executive assistant, Pam. Fortunately, while Dane knows what he wants, Pam knows what he needs – if only he can let himself be taught.

I loved writing Dane and Pam’s story. I hope you enjoy your time with them, too. See you in Gastown!


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