Top 5 Reasons to Know How to Dance

Shake What Your Mama Gave You by Nina Crespo

Why I chose a guy who likes to dance.

Hey, it’s Nina Crespo, author of Take Me If You Dare. Matchmaking isn’t a part of my job description (at least that I know of), but if you want my opinion, choose a guy who knows how to dance. Smart, good looking, funny, able to sweep me into his arms, those things definitely tick all of my boxes, but there’s just something special about a guy who knows how to move. Jasmine, the heroine in my story, was also swayed by this quality along with Ethan’s other irresistible talents. Not convinced? Here are five reasons why you might want to include “able to dance” on your hot-and-desirable checklist.

1. No need for conversation: Sometimes nonverbal is the way to go, especially for a guy who isn’t comfortable expressing how he feels. If the DJ cues up a seductive song and that cute guy wants to take you to the dance floor, he’s definitely trying to tell you something. Listen up, ladies!

2. Partnership: Dancing is a smaller version of a relationship. If he’s willing to show cooperation, allow you to bobble a few steps, and he goes out of his way to make sure you look good and feel comfortable in the process, he’s a keeper!

3. Dancing leads to touching: I’ll be the first to admit to wandering hands on the dance floor. If you’re not willing to fess up, stand on the other side of the room please. No need for innocent bystanders to get fried when you get struck by lightning. Touching is a natural progression while you’re dancing with your partner, especially if you’re fond of—or would like to become fond of—what’s underneath his T-shirt and jeans. This leads to my next point.

4. Hip action: Do I really need to explain this one? Okay. In PG terms, a man who knows how to move his hips most likely knows how to use what his mama (and daddy) gave him in some pretty incredible ways. Enough said?

5. Never a dull moment: A guy who knows how to dance, more often than not, is into having a good time. If the two of you are spending too many nights sitting on the couch buried under Cheetos dust, look up the nearest place with good music, make a date, and get off your butts. Trust me. You’ll be happy you did.

Well, that’s my two cents’ worth on the subject. It worked for me. Hope to see you having a fabulous time with your guy next time I’m on the dance floor!


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