Understanding Your Taurus Man by Wendy Byrne

Taurus April 20 to May 20

The winds of change are blowing through your life, and you aren’t very happy. A Taurus doesn’t do well with any disruption in their normal routine. But you’ll need to sit tight and go with the flow and see what life has in store for you. A new relationship may crop up when you least expect it. For once, you need to sit still and not over analyze the situation. Just enjoy. 

Understanding your Taurus Man

Passionate, masculine, and sensual, the Taurus man also has an air of mystery around him. He comes across as the strong silent type, but he’s really sitting back analyzing the situation. Taurus men love structure and routine. Patience is one of his many virtues, but it also means he’ll take some time to make decisions. He is  generous to a fault. A strong individual, he tends to take on more than his share, but don’t volunteer to help him unless he asks for it or it will crush his ego and injure his pride.

He’s very trustworthy and dependable. Gaining his trust doesn’t come easily, but once you do, he’ll be halfway in love with you. His romantic side will come out and he will shower you with attention and gifts as his generosity comes to the forefront once again. Some people consider a Taurus man down to earth, but he also appreciates the finer things in life and wants to project a certain image.

His stubborn streak is legendary—he’s not referred to as the Bull for nothing. But that same trait also makes him very successful in business. He doesn’t give up until he gets what he’s after. Don’t even think about trying to win an argument with him, because he’ll never back down. Persistence is his middle name—failures and setbacks only spur him on in his pursuits. He tends to lean towards being the possessive type. But don’t try to make him jealous, because that only interferes with his sense of trust.

Power color:  Green

Element:  Earth

Ruling planet:  Venus

Power gem:  Sapphire

Power Play: Fill him with great food and wine and wear something silky and feminine and his sensual side will come out to play. And don’t forget a spritz of perfume. Taurus men have a heightened sense of smell.

Power Trait:  Mysterious. He’ll leave you wondering what he’s all about as it takes him time to reveal his true self. But once he does, you’ll know you have a keeper.


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