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Her Special Forces

by Sophia Roslyn

Retired Marine Viper helo pilot Kacey O’Donnell is called out of retirement for a special assignment: to assist in extracting the kidnapped daughter of a U.S. Senator. With a young girl’s life at stake, Kacey puts personal feelings aside and pulls Former SEAL hero Nathan Weatherly and his team together for one last assignment. But she finds it next to impossible to work with her former lover again—especially when she knows he wants so much more, and she has a dark secret to hide.

Secrets and Sins: Chayot

by Naima Simone

Months after Chayot Gray’s darkest secret was exposed to the world, he’s struggling to cope with the fallout. Shame and guilt threaten to consume him, and he longs for the anonymous, numb existence he’s known for two decades. Then he interrupts the kidnapping of his neighbor, Aslyn. The pain-filled shadows darkening her eyes call to him, and her loveliness stirs a desire he didn’t know existed. Now Chay must conquer his inner-demons in order to save her from a madman determined to finish the job he started…
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Author Corner

Fourteen Telltale Signs You Are a Momster

  1. You would break a couple laws to be able to sleep till 8 a.m.
  2. You feel guilty whenever you go to an ice cream shop by yourself.
  3. Whenever you are in a public place and someone shouts “Mommy,” you always panic even though you are by yourself.
  4. If you are a single mom or recently divorced, you realize you’re going to be picky about the next guy you date. After all, you already have a naked, short, bald man walking around the house and constantly missing the spot.
  5. When your kinky BFF tells you about her recent experience with water play, all you think of is the endless amount of wipes and the extra load of washing you’d have to do. Pass!
  6. You know what Thirty-One is.
  7. You cut the grapes into such microscopic sizes that ants would need a magnifying glass to see them.
  8. You know “my kid has allergies” is vintage playground code for “My kid has a cold but I really didn’t want to stay at home, so I’m pulling the allergy excuse. Please don’t hate me.”
  9. A “you were right, Mom” is almost as good as a second orgasm. Almost.
  10. To keep your sanity, you start to hang out with people you otherwise never would. Who cares that you stand on opposite sides of every political and social issue? Your kids can stand each other. That’s the big picture.
  11. You start offering your kidney and a lap dance to find a babysitter who’s not ten and who works weekends.
  12. Going to Target by yourself feels like a treat.
  13. Mind games, manipulation, and speculation are part of your daily routine.
  14. Candies are not just carbs. They are a highly effective negotiation tool.

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Played by the Billionaire

by Alexia Adams

Internet security guru, Liam Manning, made a death-bed promise to to his brother. Now he’s stepped down from running his billion-dollar empire and has infiltrated an online dating site, intent on finding a woman to teach him about romance, regular-guy style. All Lorelei Torres wants is an honest man to love. After her last boyfriend turns out to be a lying snake, she decides that maybe it’s time an impartial computer chose a man for her. Will Lorelei discover Liam’s deceptions before she breaches the firewall around his heart?

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