How a Cajun girl writes romance, by Rachel Harris

RachelI’m a proud Cajun cowgirl.

I was born and raised in New Orleans (Nawlins as we call it), and although my address now reads Houston, and I’ve added a rhinestone cowboy hat to my get-up, I will forever be a Louisiana girl.

You see, we have our own unique culture down south. We celebrate family, food, and life—in that order. We axe people questions, bleed black and gold, and chase down floating vehicles for cheap plastic beads. We also take care of our own, call complete strangers darlin, and love to ‘pass a good time’… most often around a steaming pile of seafood.

Another one of our quirks is how we tease in love. Maybe this is why I adore romantic comedies so much. I love reading them and they are hands down my favorite to write. To me, it’s natural for playfulness to bubble up when I’m hanging out with people I’m close with and care about—a night out with the girls, a family crawfish boil, and a romantic date with my man often involves laughter. That’s real life and I think the best kind of fiction represents that.

When I set out to write the Love and Games series, I wanted to capture all those things. The unique oddities that make southeast Louisiana so special, even now that I’ve moved to Houston. Thanks to the feisty, loving, crazy Robicheaux clan, I think I’ve done just that.

In Taste the Heat, food is an integral part of the plot, with a chef heroine, a culinary fire captain, and the backdrop of a Cajun restaurant. Family and the city each play a significant role, and I like to think the first book in the series is not just Colby and Jason’s story, but a love letter to the people of New Orleans, too.

Seven Day Fiancé travels a bit, headed west to the heart of Cajun country. From boucheries to cracklins to things that are “hot hot,” this gives you a glimpse into the real Cajun lifestyle. It’s nothing like the movie Waterboy, I assure you. My hope is that while you fall hard for Cane, and open your heart to Angelle, you also fall a little in love with our culture.

Finally, in Accidentally Married on Purpose, we take a close look at the local music scene and the craziness that is Mardi Gras. Our hero is a country music superstar, our heroine is a fun-loving wild child, and their story is full of unexpected humor, heat, and heartwarming moments. Strong families and a certain lovable canine make this book truly unique—not to mention the paparazzi!

Small town romance full of family, friendship, laughter, and swoons, those are the kinds of stories that float my boat. I hope they float yours, too ☺


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Accidentally Married on Purpose

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