The baddies in Paradise 21, by Aubrie Dionne

9781937044022_coverThe baddies in Paradise 21

Every story has its villains, and Paradise 21 has two.

They were to most fun to write! At times, I felt as though they took over the story because each one had the greatest character arc. Both of them are tragically flawed, and through their mistakes they learn and grow. But do they get what they want in the end? For that answer, you’ll have to read Paradise 21.

Baddie #1

Astor Barliss: The Lieutenant and Aries’ fiancé aboard The New Dawn.

His flaw: trying to control everything.

What he loses to realize he has to change: Aries, the woman he’d worked so hard to get as his lifemate.

Baddie #2

Tiff: the space pirate that joined Striker’s crew, then left him to die on Sahara 354.

Her flaw: selfishness, not knowing what or who she really wants.

What she has to lose to realize she has to change: Striker’s love.
My question to you is: name a baddie in movies or literature and their tragic flaw. Do they overcome it, or does the flaw get the better of them?


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