The #daemoininvasion Officially Kicks Off Today!

The #daemoininvasion is kicking off today! Street teamers, here are your first Tasks!


  1. Tell your local teen book club about Lux books and take a picture with them – 5 pts
  2. Change your avatars to the cover of OBSIDIAN –5 pts
  3. Take a picture of yourself holding a copy of OBSIDIAN next to your school librarian. – 5pts
  4. Make a team shirt for your Daemon Invasion – 10 pts
  5. Take a picture of yourself wearing an OBSIDIAN t-shirt and standing next to your locker or in a group of friends. – 2 pts for every person in the picture with you & an extra 1 pt for every person tagged on Facebook. Don’t forget to tag Jennifer, too!
  6. Take a picture of OBSIDIAN turned face out on a bookshelf in your local Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, or other bookstore. (Might need to request they stock the book! And no bringing your own copy from home… We’ll be checking stocking.) – 15 pts
  7. Write and post review of Obsidian to Amazon/Barnes & Noble/ Goodreads/Shelfari  (if this hasn’t already been done)– 3 pts


Elite Team Members: You must collect and keep track of your team’s progress.This means that whenever a team member changes her avatar or takes a picture of herself holding Obsidian (even if they tag Jennifer) you should receive an email from your team member and keep track of it.

Your team has until June 7th to complete these tasks. New tasks will be added throughout this fun-filled #daemoninvasion! On June 7th, we will be asking Elite Team Members to turn over their team’s progress.

And what are you trying to win? Just a little reminder, you know, to get you excited!



Name in a book as a character.

Meet and Greets in the locations of the tour.

Exclusive swag

Much more!

Grand Prize:

First Edition print version of OPAL dedicated to each team member.

Signed copies of all three books to each winner.

One SKYPE call between the author and all team members.

This will also be posted in the #daemoninvasion loop in Yahoo. If you have any questions, please post your question in Yahoo.  If anyone else has the same question, they can get answers. Do not email or ask questions over Twitter. Go to the loop!

And remember, have fun! Daemon’s counting on!


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