Employment Opportunities with Entangled!


At Entangled Publishing, we pride ourselves on offering the best possible royalty percentages for authors, and the possibility for big returns for our team.

And to be clear, publishing is definitely a team effort.

That being said, we have several new positions opening up, so if you (or someone you know) has editorial experience, please send a resume to Melinda (at) entangledpublishing (dot) com.


We are actively seeking Editorial Directors for the following CATEGORY ROMANCE lines:


Covet (paranormal)

Scandalous (historical)

New, as yet unnamed, sexy contemporary category romance line



Editorial Director Job Description

The editorial director’s primary goal is to maintain the vision and quality for the imprint through controlled acquisitions and Quality & Assurance final reads of every book prior to publication. The editorial director is expected to manage all personnel and content aspects (not processes or paperwork which is the Managing Editor’s responsibility) of the editorial department for their specific line, including day-to-day editorial operations. He/She decides what projects to bring before publisher for a final acquisition decision, and may glean great manuscripts from the slush submissions.

The editorial director will be able to acquire manuscripts from agents/authors and decide which projects to pass along to editors/associate editors (along with the senior editors) or edit him/herself. He/She also has the final say on manuscripts being sent to copy editing.

He/She reads and reviews all manuscripts prior to release, offers additional editorial feedback, and ensures the line maintains a high degree of quality. Negotiation of contracts with agents/authors (only at publisher’s behest) is also part of this job, as is soliciting and maintaining agent relationships. copy editors, associate editors, editors, and senior editors report directly to the editorial director.

Ultimately, the editorial director reports to the publisher.


We are actively seeking Managing Editors for the following CATEGORY ROMANCE lines:


Covet (paranormal)

Scandalous (historical)

New, as yet unnamed, sexy contemporary category romance line


Managing Editor Job Description

He/She works closely with the editorial director and is responsible for all workflow associated with the production of works, as well as maintaining all spreadsheets, sending welcome packets to authors upon signing, and assembling and communicating with the marketing director about release dates, covers, and blurbs.  This also includes managing release schedules and broad-view examination of the line.

The managing editor reports to the publisher and manages day-to-day progress of works in the production life cycle from the time the manuscript is contracted until it is finalized for release. He/She also liaises between the marketing director and the editing department, ensuring blurbs, covers, and deadlines are achieved and properly communicated.

Conferences with the editorial director are frequent regarding production status and suspected delays, release schedules, and conflicts between competing titles or authors. Liaises between the editors and the copy editors, responsible for moving the manuscript between both parties until the manuscript is deemed finalized and ready for formatting is also part of the job.

At all times, the managing editor’s ultimate responsibility is ensuring no book is forgotten, left behind, not ready for distribution on time, or otherwise held up at some point in the production process. If an issue does arise, the managing editor is to communicate with the editorial director who will then communicate with the editor.

It’s a detail-oriented job!


We are also hiring copy editors, so if you have a strong attention to detail, sleep with the Chicago Manual of Style, and love to read, this may be a great opportunity for you!  



Another great employment opportunity…

ASSISTANT EDITOR to work directly with Senior Editor & Publisher Liz Pelletier


Assistant Editor Job Description

The assistant editor works directly with a senior editor on all steps of a book’s production. From writing a reader’s report to writing an Acquisition Proposal Form at the acquisition stage, to providing feedback for the editorial letters as well as line edits, to facilitating book promotion and writing selling copy. Though the senior editor will be the one directly in touch with the author, the assistant editor is encouraged to be involved in direct communications as a secondary voice in the process from time to time. The assistant editor will be paid a royalty on the book’s sales, not an annual salary. Assistant editors won’t necessarily become involved in every book the senior editor acquires, but will be assigned projects at the senior editor’s discretion. The assistant editor may also be asked to assist in managing acquisitions as a whole as well as a variety of ancillary tasks not directly related to a book but which will help round out the assistant editor’s skill set and aid with the eventual goal of promotion to associate editor.


Please note, we are a commission-based employer, which means we do not offer salaries.  We all believe strongly in the books we publish, and we know that if the books don’t sell, we don’t make money. Please refer to our business model  to make sure this is a good fit for you. Commissions are paid quarterly.





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