#HeroWars: Osiris, God of the Underworld

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Name: Osiris, God of the Underworld
Build: Large/Muscular/Solid
Height: 6’5″
Weight: 250
Strengths: He’s intelligent, caring, devoted, and will do anything to protect Sadie.
Weaknesses: He’s borderline possessive, will not admit when he’s wrong, and will smother Sadie in his love if she’ll let him.
Leading Lady: Sadie Marie
Favorites: The heat of the sun. Sadie’s red hair. Sadie’s temper. The palace he has on the sun. His phoenixes.
Occupation God of the Underworld and the keeper of the Phoenix.

A quote: “Because I can’t live another day without you. Now, shut your eyes and don’t look into the light.”

From The Last Beginning, by Rachel Firasek

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