MaKiNg PuMpKiN PiE fOr SpOoKaLiCiOuS WrItInG ChAlLeNgE!!

MaKiNg PuMpKiPiE fOSpOoKaLiCiOuS WrItInChAlLeNgE!!


It’s October 31th, Halloween, and it’s a SpOoKaLiCiOuS day.

Romancing the Naked Hero is one of EP’s favorite blogs.  They have a Halloween poem challenge today, and we’ve stolen it to challenge you, too.

Take a gander at our fun Pumpkin Pie Making picture and see if you can craft a fun little poem to accompany it.

On another note, anybody out there doing NaNoWriMo?  What are you doing to gear up?

Have fun…and please share!!

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