SUMMER FESTIVAL: Haystacks with Amity Hope

Hello from northern Minnesota! After what felt like a truly endless winter—including two blizzards in April—summer is finally in the air. I love my state this time of year. So much to do! Hiking, kayaking, biking, boating, fishing, and visiting the many state parks fill my days.

One thing I am incapable of doing in the summer is gardening. I can’t seem to keep a houseplant alive so it’s no surprise that my two serious attempts at gardening were abysmal. Fortunately, we have an Amish farm nearby. The vegetable selection is always amazing. Visiting this farm summer after summer sparked my interest in the Amish and eventually led to the idea for my Pine Creek series.

In my latest book, Pine Creek Matchmaker, Caleb and Sadie help throw a fundraiser that includes a Haystack Dinner. What’s that, you wonder? Well, it’s one delicious way to use up some of those summer vegetables. Check out the recipe below. And if you’re curious, I’d love for you to check out Pine Creek Matchmaker, too!


2 cups of cooked white rice

1 bag of Fritos

1 pound of taco meat

1 can of rinsed black beans

1 cup cheese sauce (storebought or homemade)




Shredded Lettuce


Taco sauce, sour cream, guacamole, or any condiment of choice.

Simply assemble in the order of the ingredients and you have a Haystack.


 Amity Hope

The cover for Pine Creek Matchmaker features a woman in Amish clothing standing in a field of flowers. She holds a basket overflowing with flowers as she looks off into the distance.Love can lead anyone to redemption—in this unforgettable and heartwarming Pine Creek romance from author Amity Hope…

After leaving Pine Creek—along with his family and the rest of their Amish community—four years ago, Caleb Weaver has returned. He’s come back to help his parents with their struggling candy shop, and everyone in their small town is buzzing with the news. But no sooner does he return than he’s flagged down by the last person he wanted to see…with a helpless, abandoned kitten.

Sadie Ziegler will do almost anything to save an animal, including accepting a ride from her best friend’s older brother, her childhood nemesis. Only, the troublesome boy she remembers has been replaced by a serious, kind, and hardworking man. But not everyone is ready to accept someone who’s been shunned

Now Sadie and Caleb find themselves organizing the town’s community fundraiser, working together to help his family, and even matchmaking along the way. For the first time, redemption—and a chance at love—seems almost within reach. But there’s no escaping the secret that drove Caleb from Pine Creek…

Author photo for Amity HopeAmity lives in beautiful northern Minnesota with her two sons, two cats and their Rottweiler. She has a degree in elementary education and worked in that field for ten years before deciding to chase her dream. Her debut novel, Twisted, was listed by Amazon as a Top 100 Kids & Teens Kindle Book of 2012. If she’s not writing, or spending time with her boys, she’s most likely reading.

You can follow Amity on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on the latest news!

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