Magical Dresses by Brittany Z.



There’s an old saying that goes “you dress to impress” that people try to implement when doing anything important. Whether it’s a job interview, a first date, going to work, or just going out with friends, people tend to always try to look their best. In The Matchmaker and the Cowboy, Callie’s dresses  seem to be laced with a love potion, figuratively. But everyone who’s worn one of her dresses has fallen in love. The idea of a magical dress makes you think: What would you wear? So we asked Entangled to see what they had to say!


Brittany, a Publicity Assistant, said “I love when my clothes show off my personality. But I also value comfort. So, my ideal dress would combine the two. Something flowy, with a cute pattern is a staple in my wardrobe. I tend to buy colors I like, so I’d choose something blue or green. It would likely have a floral pattern. Ideally it would attract a man who loves to have fun, as well as appreciate simplicity and comfort. Someone who has a personality that’s bright and vibrant but can also be serious and straight to the point.” 


Debbie, a Publicist, said “I’m not a foofy, like to dress up sort of person, I want a guy who likes a girl who can be classy but not fussy. Add a funky piece of jewelry to reflect a fun side though and boots instead of heels because I like both comfort and style and want a guy who feels the same.” 



Stacy, our VP of Operations, said: “Maybe it’s because I work all day in my pajamas, or my sweatpants, or my “dressy” sweatpants, but actually dressing up for real has always been extra fun for me, and I love a person who can appreciate that Cinderella transformation, be it into a pencil skirt or a dress with some movement in it or even my bridal gown on my wedding day. Is there anything better than that moment where your partner first sees you all dolled up and you take their breath away?” 

Bree, our Art Director, said: “All that I require in a dress is pockets. It could be a 1950’s fit and flare or a fun sequin gown but if there is not a hidden pocket then I will not put that dress on. Purses just get in the way and whether my partner is wearing a suit or dress ,I don’t want them to have to carry anything of mine.”

Whatever your style, hopefully you feel your best and enjoy every moment! What would you choose if you had to pick an outfit? We’d love to hear and see your choices that you’d wear to meet your dream partner? Then, be sure to check out THE MATCHMAKER AND THE COWBOY and find out what Callie and Hunter would wear on October 25. 



Callie Carmichael has a gift for making bridesmaid dresses—some even call them magical. Somehow, every person who’s worn one of her dresses has found love. Real love. And as long as that happily-ever-after is for someone else, Callie is happy. Because she’s fully over getting her heart broken…which is why her new roommate is definitely going to be a problem.

After being overseas for six months, Callie’s only choice is to stay with her best friend’s ridiculously hot brother, Hunter Owens. Cowboy, troublemaker, and right now, the town’s most coveted bachelor. Only, Hunter isn’t quite the player she thought. And if it weren’t for her whole “no more love” thing, their setup could get confusing really fast.

Now, Hunter wants Callie to make him a best man suit—a “lucky for love” kind of suit. But what happens if she makes the suit and he finds true love…and it isn’t her?


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