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I’ve always loved Las Vegas – every time I visit I find something else to thrill over, and it’s not necessarily the casinos! (Although I confess to having a wee bit of a gambling addiction – those penny slots are mine!) But it’s hard to not overspend when surrounded by so much great food and entertainment!


Over the years I’ve found a few things to do that doesn’t involve gambling although you’ll want to take a chance on some of these great places – they’re very affordable and/or free, leaving you extra money to spend on great eating and buying souvenirs! Read on for a few tips how to save some cash!


The first and most obvious is to enjoy the classic photographic spot at the Las Vegas sign.


There’s a colorful history behind it and it’s a perfect way to start your photo album! Get the iconic picture in the morning before it gets too hot and get back into the air-conditioned comfort of your hotel and/or casino!


So now you want to see the sights. But wait… let me give you a great tip for sightseeing – when I took my mother years ago we found the Deuce! http://www.lasvegas-how-to.com/las-vegas-deuce.php


It’s a public transit bus, air-conditioned, that takes you up and down the Strip! Grab a ticket for less than ten dollars and cruise along in comfort, hopping on and off the bus as you view the sights. Do it in the evening when all the neon is a-blazing and you’ll have a faboo time enjoying the lighting displays without spending a lot of money and saving yourself a lot of walking, not to mention getting tired and dehydrated! There’s nothing worse than struggling with sore feet and dying for a drink when you’re out in the hot sun, going from one casino/hotel to the other – take the bus and stay fresh!


Another travel tip I can give you for Las Vegas is to take advantage of the freebies each casino offers – usually each casino offers free gambling classes which will allow you to learn a new game or revisit old favorites, at little or no cost. Also, you can get a free membership card at each casino for their gambling clubs that make great souvenirs! These memberships include freebies such as t-shirts or a handful of chips, giving you more of a reason to sign up! Keep the cards on a chain and hang them up at home for a quick easy reminder of your trip.


Finally, don’t be shy about looking for show deals at a discount – every performer wants to have a full audience and you might be able to luck into tickets for your favorite show that day if you head over to the box office right away. Don’t despair about seeing the stars just because you don’t have the money for a front-row seat!


Visiting Las Vegas doesn’t have to be an expensive trip – grab the deals, save some cash and if you find yourself in over your head with no one else to call on for help, head for the Devil’s Playground and maybe, just maybe… you can find the Brotherhood!





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Sheryl Nantus is an award-winning romance writer published by Entangled, St. Martin’s, and Harlequin’s Carina Press. When she’s not writing about hunky heroes, she is sipping tea, playing board games and writing haiku. A total fangirl at heart, she met her husband through an online fanfiction community and currently lives in Pennsylvania.

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