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Dare to be different – Pink hair don’t care with Michele de Winton

I’ve been a performer for much of my life so transforming my “look” isn’t too big a deal for me. I’m a dirty blonde naturally so up until this point having to dye my hair black for a role in West Side Story was my biggest change. BUT this year I had to attend a function as Jem from Jem and the Holograms. This was a big TV series when I was growing up in New Zealand, girl power, magic, music, Jem had it all! So I was determined to do it justice. That meant pink hair. VERY pink hair. I will admit that when I saw the result of an hour in the hairdressers chair it was pretty full on, even for me.

The thing with pink hair is that everyone has something to say about it. There were a few “oh dear, was it supposed to be blonde” comments, as well as a lot more “well it’s interesting” remarks. More common were the “as long as you like it that’s all that matters” all of which came from well-meaning folk who plain hated it but were too polite to say.

With the disapproving looks and comments I would find myself stiffening, putting on a protective smile of a shell. I would remind myself to soften, and my smile would do just that, become real and usually that would be enough for the well-meaning but definitively unimpressed commenter to either smile back and shrug or leave.

There were however, plenty of folks who loved it. Grins and high fives came at me from the least expected places. Including my yoga class. The best thing thought was visiting with kids, whose eyes would widen and then glow with some kind of “wow you’re really a unicorn after all I thought you were joking” look. My four-year-old and his girlfriend couldn’t stop touching it with awe and wonder. With the kids, I would wish that I had a packet of glitter in my pocket and we would be able to make the unicorn fantasy something real and dance our way through it to lunch time.

And now? Now the color is fading. It’s still pink, but more of a forgotten candy floss color rather than out and out fuchsia. My boys still love it. My husband too. I’ve learnt that I kinda suit pink hair – it makes my blue eyes bluer. And that I can still rock and roll like a young person, as long as I’m dressed appropriately ? I’d love to hear any crazy dressing up stories you have. Solo or with kids, dressing up seems to bring out the fun in people.

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X Michele

Have you tried a drastically different hair style/color before? Let us know in the comments how it turned out.

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