Meet the Authors: Netflix and Binge

We asked our authors what television series they’ll be binge watching this summer, and we must say they have great taste! Check out the list below and maybe you’ll find your next great binge!

Cindi Madsen:

My girls & I are finishing Gilmore Girls, one of my all time favorite series. My husband & I are binge watching Community & Bob’s Burgers now, & I’ve heard great things about Dare Devil, so it’s next on my list.


Alice Gaines:

Xena, Warrior Priestess; House of Cards; Downton Abbey.


Cole Gibsen:

This season of Game of Thrones has been so amazing, I think I’m going to watch it again as soon as it’s over. My guilty pleasure, however, is Younger.


Kerri Carpenter:

Soooo many! First, I’m sad to say that I am behind in my Outlander viewing so I have to catch up on season 2. Then it’s off to Orange is the New Black. I’d also like to binge on The Americans, House of Cards, and Breaking Bad.


Kira Archer:

Once Upon a Time and Game of Thrones – because I fell behind watching them several seasons ago and need to catch up!


Shae Ross:

My husband and I are re-watching Game of Thrones from the beginning. We watched the first episode of season one last night and it was so great to see some of the old characters that I used to love and reflect on how far some of the characters journey’s have taken them and how some of the paths ended. ‘Winter is Coming’ again.


What series are you binge watching this summer?


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