Give the Gift of Romance This Mother’s Day!


Give the Gift of Romance This Mother’s Day!

Is your grandma the world’s best cook? Did your auntie teach you to drive? Is your mom your biggest supporter? Maybe your best-friend is the most kickbutt single mom you know.


We want to help YOU honor a woman who has been a special part of your life. We are giving away one grand prize Mother’s Day gift basket including a $100 SpaFinder gift certificate AND randomly chosen entries will also have a free Entangled ebook sent to their nominee in celebration of Mother’s Day. 


Our very own Entangled Publicists are here to share who they would nominate to receive the gift of romance this Mother’s Day!


I’d nominate my mother-in-law because we’ve bonded over our mutual love of books and she’s been my biggest supporter as I became a mom too. – Rhianna


I would nominate my aunt who helped raise me, always made time to hang out and introduced me to my first romance books. It was like having two fabulous moms in my life. -Debbie


I would nominate my mom who always made sure I had a book in my hands and fostered a great love for reading in my life from a very young age. I still remember her gentle prompts to keep going with The Secret Garden when it was just a little bit too challenging for me, and I have never forgotten that feeling of escaping into another world. I owe my love for books to my mom. -Riki


I would nominate my mom who inspired my lifetime love of reading and is always ready with a hug to say hello, goodbye, and everything in between. I didn’t always have an easy relationship with her as I was growing up, but the older I get, the more I understand and appreciate how lucky I am to have her in my life. – Melissa


I would nominate my mom, who read to me from day one (literally!) and never said no to a new book.  It was her copy of A Rose in Winter that started my addiction to historical romance, a fact that makes her blush a little!  I always know I can still call her or stop by and get a hug if I need one.  I’ll never be too old to be a mama’s girl. -Becky


We’d love to hear who you’d nominate and why!

Nominate someone special today!

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