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 Rome, hot Italian men, the Mediterranean, yachts…. Oh, yeah!

I got the inspiration for Making Over The Billionaire while traveling in Italy last year. The ancient city of Rome is picturesque, the food is yummy and the men are sooo hot.

Many of the places and people I encountered on my journey found their way into the book. My heroine, Layla, is American and new to the city, so everything about it is interesting to her–as it was to me.

My hero, Giorgio’s villa looked out over the rooftops in a scene similar to the one above.

Giorgio was inspired by the gorgeous soccer player, Fabio Cannavaro. Love those smouldering dark good looks! And the abs, can’t forget the abs. J




I loved these ancient drinking fountains dotted all over the city. I filled up my water bottle in between traipsing through the Coliseum, the Spanish Steps and the Vatican.
In one of my favorite scenes in the book, Layla literally trips up Giorgio while running in the Borghese Gardens, a popular Roman park.
















Many of the old buildings had enormous doors that really caught my fancy. Layla makes note of the very tall doors in Giorgio’s villa.





She also loves the colorful flowers that spill from planters seemingly everywhere.








Gelato!!! I gorged on this stuff while in Rome. I wrote a scene involving the delicious icy treat but ended up deleting it. Maybe a version will find it’s way into a book about one of Giorgio’s sisters.
The day Layla goes to Tina’s fashion house she passes a landmark trattoria. I love the colorful vegetables on display out front of this tiny restaurant. Artichokes are a Roman speciality and they cook them in a million delicious different ways.
2012 Italy selection 028
Much of the book takes place off the Amalfi coast near the Isle of Capri after Giorgio “kidnaps” Layla and whisks her away to his yacht.
Beautiful setting, gorgeous guy–who wouldn’t be a willing prisoner?


And now for dessert.


And now for some eye candy. Take a look at my Pinterest board of the hot Italian men that inspire my heroes.
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