Girl, I’ve got you!, by Nina Crespo

TMiYD_500I love to include best friend sidekicks in my stories. I’m talking about the girlfriends that you can call about anything at anytime.

They’re not always the ones you’ve known the longest, but they know when to show up and exactly what you need. They understand your humor, fears, and goofy hang-ups, but they aren’t afraid to tell you when it’s time to move on and get over yourself.

You share a trust that provides a place to confess the good and the bad, as well as scream and cry over hurts and disappointments. Forgiveness overrides anger, usually because you can’t wait to tell them the latest, and jealousy ends up kicked to the curb because you’re too busy jumping around and cheering each other across the finish line.

Long conversations pair well with wine, chocolate, retail therapy, or a shared tub of ice cream, but when it’s time, they won’t hesitate to break out something stronger. They’re the ones who can save you from a case of the crazies when your family, boss, latest love interest, co-worker or that driver in the next lane nudges you just a little too close to the edge.

Your best girl knows when to let you get your “mad” on, speak without a filter, or party with the best of them, but as your trusted wing-woman, they’ll save you from tequila regret, saying things you can’t take back, jail, embarrassment or a WTF, morning after moment. Honesty, loyalty, and not wanting you to show up looking like a hot mess guides them into telling you it’s time to give those skinny jeans a rest, hooker casual isn’t the best choice, or that a good night’s sleep is your other best friend.

A good friend shows up for you, stands by you, and will pick you up when you fall. They see the wonder and potential of your dreams as vividly as you do and can’t imagine you not achieving them. They remind you that you’re strong, courageous, smart, beautiful, and too awesome to be defeated by fear, sadness, ignorance, or the break-up from that person you should have given the boot to a long time ago. Hey, they tried to tell you, but…

Over the years, I’ve shared a lot of good times and laughs with girlfriends. Unfortunately, I’ve lost touch with some of them, too, but there will always be an extra wineglass and a spot for them at my table. The best part about true friends is that you can be separated from them for months, but when you find each other again you pick right back up without missing a beat.

So before the end of the week, make sure you take a moment to give a heartfelt shout-out to your she-roes, wine-chat besties, ride-or-die “side-chicks”, or your true mother-sister-friends. They’re all a special part of our lives, and I bet they think you’re pretty special, too.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. Feel free to pass this post along to the friends you value in your life.


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