#TwitterLove Week of 5-2-2014

Happy Friday all! It’s been a week filled with wild weather, wacky talents, and not-so-secret secrets. (You can’t keep secrets on Twitter!)

Here are some of our favorite moments of the week:


We asked for your hidden talents and you answered. From the beneficial to the more bizarre, you guys are a truly talented bunch:

talent talent2 talent3 talent4 talent5 talent6 talent7 talent8 talent9




A super special Steals and Deals News Flash went out this week. Two words: Daemon Black. Are you signed up?





Then this happened:





The lovely Ophelia London kicked off our #ThrowbackThursday. She wanted to know what your favorite subject was in high school:

class4 class3 class1


But poor Ophelia:


Be sure to ¬†check out her fun post on her favorite class…there may be pirates involved!




Some Entangled authors actually thought they could keep secrets on Twitter. But they quickly found out that you can’t keep secrets from us:

No Secrets




And of course, no week is ever complete without the Pacey Tweet of the Week:






Thanks for another fabulous week in the Twitterverse. We look forward to what next week holds. Until then, share some #TwitterLove! #TGIF!



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