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Behind the Book – The Billionaire’s Demands, by Addison Fox

  The Billionaire's Demands by Addison Fox


I’ve always been an avid romance reader and one of the first romances I remember truly falling in love with was PARADISE by Judith McNaught. For those who haven’t read it, it’s the story of corporate raider, Matthew Farrell, and department store heiress, Meredith Bancroft. They have a past – a juicy one – and when they are reacquainted 11 years later sparks fly. Matt is a determined, ruthless hero and I was thrilled and enchanted by him through every single page.


I was thinking about the book recently and realized just how delicious I found that book and how it sealed my love of office romances more than two decades ago. And when I say I love an office romance, I do mean I LOVE an office romance. Corporate takeovers. Boss/secretary relationships. Revenge. To my way of thinking, corporate environments have it all and I’m a sucker for a corporate romance.


Fast forward to my own life. For almost 18 years I’ve worked in advertising and marketing and have had a chance to see the world of magazines and publishing up close and personal. It’s a world I’ve always found to have a mix of glamor and corporate gravitas and just knew it was ripe for a story (or three!)


So it was with that mix of influences that I embarked on my Boardrooms and Billionaires trilogy. My latest release, THE BILLIONAIRE’S DEMANDS, is the conclusion of three stories about the McBride sisters – Keira, Camryn and Mayson. These three women have made it their life’s work to restore their family magazine empire, a company brought to the brink of financial ruin by their father.


Camryn, the heroine of THE BILLIONAIRE’S DEMANDS, is the middle sister and the company’s CFO. She and her sisters have done what they set out to do, bringing the company back to its former glory. Through that process, love has found its way in, too. Camryn’s older sister, Keira, is married to Nathan Cooper, a corporate raider who nearly took over the company a year prior. Mayson, the youngest McBride sister, is married to Nathan’s best friend, Holt and has a baby on the way


Camryn is truly happy for her sisters but knows something is missing in her own life. What she’s not looking for is something that’s messy and full of emotional landmines. And a relationship with Keira’s husband’s half-brother, Booth Harrison, would certainly qualify as a family landmine, capable of blowing a hole in Booth and Nathan’s tenuous relationship should things go south between them.


For his part, Booth knows the risks, too, but he’s had his eye on Camryn for the last year and finally sees the chance to make his move. The man knows what he wants and from the very first time he stepped on the page in TEMPTING ACQUISITIONS (Keira & Nathan’s story) I just knew he was the man for Camryn.


I have had a blast writing about the dynamic McBride sisters and the strong, interesting men who love them. While I’ve loved writing all of their stories, Camryn and Booth definitely had a special place in my heart. She’s dealing with some internal pain and thinks keeping her life neat and orderly is a way to keep further hurt at bay. How wonderful, then, when a man enters her life who understands that messy and complicated is the only way to live.




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