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Last week we challenged you to share your worst date story. The wait is over and here are the results. Thank you so much for joining us, and be sure to commiserate in the comments!

LOL! I was very young and a young man took me to a nearby city park and we were swinging on the swings there. I was eating a popsicle. When he tried to kiss me, I shoved my popsicle stick into his mouth instead as I didn’t want to get pregnant. I was terrified as that was what I’d been told happened if someone kissed you. I guess it was a terrible date for him too… I never saw him again. — Linda

He took me to The Golden Corral and demanded I try the “big fat yeast rolls.” 1. No. I will jot eat something with big, fat, AND yeast all in the title. And 2. No. Don’t tell me what to do. Sure fire way to be sure I’ll never do it.


Things went downhill quickly when we discovered the large balls of dough between us on the table were the only things we had in common.


I said I needed to get up early for the SATs. I’ve never been happier to see my little sister than the moment she came flying out the front door as he stood there expecting a kiss.  — Shannon

I was always good at acting more experienced than I was. So when I decided I was tired of being the only remaining “pure” one in my group of friends, I took the flirting a little farther than usual. It was with a friend I’d known for a good while so of course, he was more than willing! So, as we’re getting hot and heavy, I spring the news on him that he was about to be my first. Should lead to a special moment, right? He chuckled because he thought I was joking. So, after we do the nasty, he goes to clean up and notices the proof of him being my first and instead of being any sort of nice or considerate, he stands here with his hands out to his side, looking down and says, “G*d d**n, are you on your f***ing period??” He cleaned up, gave me a hug and a peck goodbye and I spoke to him one time after that and we never spoke again. — Angela

I was randomly asked out by a guy that I knew from H.S. and my parent’s church, the summer after graduation. He took me to a nice restaurant but then proceeded to grill me about another friend. He then told me that since she was out of his “reach” (his words) that he was going to move on and I had been recommended by his parents. I was speechless and a bit insulted. We then went to a local bookstore where I ran into a friend. I did the whole “bad date, rescue me” look and she delivered wonderfully. She started crying on cue and told him that she needed my support b/c of a boy problem and she would take me home. That was the last I ever heard from him and I was sooo relieved! — Erin

You know how at every high school party there is one girl who starts drinking way too early, then spends the rest of the night barfing up Jell-o shots in the bathroom?


My senior year in high school, having recently broken up with my boyfriend, I decided to ask a guy who was a friend but for whom I had…more than friendly feelings for to a dance. He agreed and off we went. I won’t bother to set the scene too much and hope it will be sufficient to simply say that it was pissing down rain and one of the windshield wipers on his car had come off, so for the hour it took to get to the restaurant and then the hour it took to get to the dance, the only noise in the car was the pounding rain and the incessant screeching of the metal windshield wiper arm against the glass windshield.


The dance was uneventful. We came, we danced, we left and made our way to a party at my date’s house. He and I hung out for a while, but then I lost him because someone was trying to teach me to play drums. When I finally realized he was missing, I asked someone, who gave me a full-blown “deer-in-headlights” look and pointed upstairs. I found my date in bed, stark naked, actively engaged in a round of hide the pickle with the girl who’d been barfing up Jell-o shots all night long.


I never spoke to him again. He added me on Facebook a few years ago. In my life, I’ve never been so delighted to hit IGNORE.  — Jenn

I haven’t been on too many dates but my worst date was with this guy that I had already been friends with. I kinda just randomly called him and asked if he wanted to go see a movie and he said yeah. I met him at the theater and I could tell that he was very nervous. As we were watching the movie he would not shut up!! He kept whispering things to me and I was getting so irritated. I swear he was watching me more than the actual movie. Then he kept trying to play footsie with me and I kept moving away from him but he would just not get a hint. It was so not like him when he was nothing more than a friend before this date…..after the date I quickly said bye and we were awkward semi-friends after that.  — Brandi

Worst date story for me was when I was living in VA, I was a very, extremely heavy young woman, and the guy I was about to go on a date with (who was in the Navy) said to me, “If we end up keep dating, You are going to have to lose weight because you are going to ruin the shocks on my car.” That is how the date started, then he proceeds to take me to a Chinese Buffet where it is all you can eat, then criticizes me for everything that I chose on my plate. After that, he drives me back to his place, and I ask him what we were doing there and he said he thought we could go in and “get to know each other better”. I was like seriously, um no. So I asked him to take me home, which he blatantly refused, then proceeded to call me quite a few not so nice derogatory names, so then I called a friend to come pick me up. The worst part about it was, this guy had the freaking nerve to call me the next day for another date. Yeah. — Heather

When my ex boyfriend (who hadn’t yet been notified of his change of status) showed up to a party hosted by my current boyfriend. Future boyfriend (I do not miss my twenties) came along, too. I had to spend my evening keeping the three guys in separate rooms. A disaster of my own making, I know, but that’s the story of my worst date.  — Kelly

I’m one of those women whose friends always think that they aren’t “really” gay: I just need to meet the right man. This would be why they always try to set me up with “the perfect guy” for me…since they all seem to know what the perfect man for me happens to be.


I agreed to go out with one such Prince Charming because why not? I was bored. I was single. I was 20. No one wants to stay home alone on a weekend night in college.


Mr. Perfect showed up with an attitude that literally did not stop. He was convinced of his own genius from the moment that he knocked on my door. Given that I am a Mensa scholar, was on full scholarship for academic merit to my school (I also happened to be the first person in 100 years to GET a full scholarship for academic merit to my school.), and was studying Neurobiology, he should really have thought through who he was trying to impress. I’m not an academic elitist by any stretch, but I know my own intellectual worth and I can tell when someone is bullshitting me. This guy? Was making things up left-right-and-center all night.


Examples: “I’m in college for Physics since I’m going to be an astronaut for NASA.”


I love Physics. I’m actually working toward my PhD in Biophysics now. I tried to start several conversations about the subject with him, none of which he could follow, and the man couldn’t even give me ONE CLASS that he was in at his school for the subject. I asked him about his career path to get to NASA. I have several friends who work for Boeing in Alabama; they do a lot of work for NASA. I’m aware of how they don’t just let anyone in the doors there even though I didn’t know more than a passing amount about how to become an astronaut. I knew that “I’m getting a degree and they’ve got like a program and stuff.” was not an answer that sounded legit.


Example 2: “My research in String Theory is totally getting published next year in the journal.”


What research? What journal? Those are simple questions, right? Apparently not since he stammered all over himself and couldn’t answer either one. If this guy ever did anything worth publishing about? I’ll eat the uncomfortable shoes I wore to try to look feminine enough to be on a date with a man.


Example 3: “They’re actually paying me to go to college because they wanted me so bad! They gave me two full scholarships so I’m just pocketing one. Free money is great.”


….do I really have to explain how that’s not possible? No school gives you two full scholarships. No school would waste resources that way when there are so many students who apply with need every year. It’s also impossible for them to give you money meant to be used for tuition that you don’t report since you aren’t using it for, I don’t know, tuition?


I’ve got more examples, but they just get more ludicrous from there. He literally just kept spinning stories all night to impress me while my friends looked gradually more mortified since I’d made them agree to go out with us. I was convinced they were setting me up with someone who was going to “prove” that I wasn’t really a lesbian. They’d threatened that before; there was no way I was going to jail because I’d stabbed a guy in the neck with a fork in a restaurant since he’d put his hand under my skirt to “prove” I wasn’t a lesbian. (Yes, yes, I had that happen and no, I didn’t stab the guy in the neck with a fork. I did knock him in the face with my plate hard enough to tip his chair over backwards, but I didn’t stab him.) This meant that it was me and Mr. Perfect along with my bestie and her guy who was truly a wonderful guy…all of us were trying not to kill my date.


We managed to get through dinner with me eventually ceasing to speak entirely because I felt so bad that this guy was digging himself into a hole lying all over the place. He asks why I’m not talking and I said something about how I felt we should maybe just talk about hobbies or did he have a job that he worked at? He starts to tell me about his amazing internship with the “President of Physics” at his school and I’m just done. I was like “Okay, look, I don’t care if you’re a genius. If you could just tell me something that is actually true about you? I might consider not leaving right now and letting these guys take you home.”


He proceeds to call me a cold bitch, curse me insanely in front of literally a huge, crowded restaurant, and actually stomped his foot like a little child who has just been told that they can’t have a toy in a store. The guy demands that I apologize to him which was probably the worst mistake he’s ever made in his life since I am kind of a bitch. I ate him alive verbally and then stood up. Since I was wearing my “pretty girl shoes,” I was approximately five inches taller than him which allowed me to lean down to let him know that only little men needed to talk big to make themselves feel bigger.


I left burning with righteous fury and the waitress’s phone number. She’d felt sorry for me all night so she kept coming over to ask if we needed anything or if she could get me something. Her last pass through happened to be right when I’m standing up berating this guy like a fishwife. I told her I wanted her number. She looked surprised and then said “Oh, definitely. Here. I’m off late, but if you want to call? I’ll bring dessert. We make great dessert here.”


So yeah, I managed to not stab the guy with a fork, got a great piece of chocolate cake at the end of the night, and yet still managed to piss off my friends since they thought I was too mean to the guy even though he was the one lying alllllllll night long. It took a week for them to talk to me again. I wound up dating the waitress for a whole semester before she moved back home to her family. I guess it did have a good ending, but the night was miserable and I still think about it from time to time, hating myself for not saying something sooner. I could have really saved us all a headache if I’d not been such a go-along-girl.  — Shandra

I don’t really have a bad date story for me and my boyfriend. We were friends for several years before we started dating, so we hit it off pretty quickly.


I do have bad date experiences with my idiot guy friends though. Yeah, figure that one out…I was with them during the dates, why?! One friend decided he wanted to get to know a girl better so he invited her to a movie. Well she isn’t a geek so deciding on a midnight release of Thor: The Dark World wasn’t the smartest. Also the fact that midnight releases of geeky movies are something we do as a group…so he decided to just combine the date and the group thing. (First dates are not meant to be group things…) So we had to put up with awkward conversation, while trying to smooth over his mistakes without being too obvious. The whole group was on their best behavior, which means we were really quiet because we tend to speak our minds and that doesn’t go over well with some. It was just awful, but the plus was that the movie was awesome.


There was also a date that we had no idea was a date until he showed up with her…and her kid. (Different friend) That was…unpleasant. — Michelle

This guy I was in a show with in college wanted to take me out. I wasn’t seeing anyone, and he was nice enough, so I went. He took me to see a freaking KungFu movie–and I don’t mean KungFu Panda. He followed up with dinner and–since it already seemed to be that date that would never end–a traipse around a bookstore during which he kept trying to hold my hand and keep me in a sci-fi area for about half an hour.
When he called the next day to ask me out again and I was uninterested, guess what–he blogged about me on his very public blog, which I didn’t know about until after the date. Yay!  — Alice

I am not a fan of American muscle cars built after the 1960s. I have always like sleek European sports cars, probably because I grew up in Panama surrounded by them.


When I was in grad school (early 1990s). the receptionist at the office where I worked was “appalled” that I didn’t have a boyfriend. I dated a man during my Sophomore and Junior years of college and when we broke up, I went a little crazy. Senior year was outstanding. I was not in a hurry to be in another serious relationship at the time.


Daphne, however, would not be put off and set up a blind date for me, with a guy who would be “perfect” for me. He had be stationed in Panama when he was in the military – and that is the only thing we had in common. We lived in the same country at one point in our lives.


I figured I had nothing to lose and might meet someone nice, so I agreed to the blind date with “Jim.” We decided to go to lunch. What could possibly go wrong?


“Jim” arrived in his reddish/brownish (rusted?) early 70s Camaro to pick me up. When I looked out the window, I cringed a little, but I figured it was a “project car,” he was working on/restoring. He was pretty cute and looked like a fit, normal guy in his mid-twenties.


As we walked back to the car, he started apologizing profusely. Turns out he left ALL of his dirty laundry in the front seat, where I would be sitting. When he started picking all of up and throwing it in the trunk, he looked over his shoulder as if to say, “you want to help?” I looked away quickly and waited on the curb.


We had a nice conversation on the way to the restaurant. I tried not to notice the car seat springs stabbing me in the back or the tube sock that was stuffed in the console to hold up the ashtray.


Once we sat down to eat, an event that would forever be known as “Jim’s relationship post mortems” began. He proceeded to give me a detailed, chronological history of EVERY girl and woman he had a relationship with or feelings for. When he began to describe sex with his latest girlfriend, who broke up with him two month prior to our date, I heard Sir David Attenborough narrating it, in full documentary voice. It was so incredibly annoying that I, our waiter, two waitresses and the manager came over to ask him to keep the “anatomical details” out of his “storytelling.”


Two hours later, the restaurant had given me a free cocktail and two glasses of wine, for “pain and suffering,” because apparently the ENTIRE staff was talking about my date from hell. They thought I was a badass for just sitting there with the deer-in-the-headlights, then die-bitch-die, then kill-me-please looks. I was voted “customer of the day.”


As we left, the manager slipped me a couple of slices of their awesome chocolate cake and a bunch of drink coupons. (I went back about a week later with a group of girlfriends and they treated us like royalty.)


“Jim” took me home, never realizing why I thought we would be “better as friends.” I told him, I just couldn’t date a guy with a Camaro. I never told Daphne the whole story. — Michelle

Fortunately, not too much that is awful…although the first time my date and I went to a movie, we weren’t too thrilled by the movie itself (a poor recommendation from a friend of his) and then came out to discover his very cute and formerly very shiny car had been egged. The next movie, I chose, and it took him years to discover that I had seen it before (and wanted to see it again, lol).  — Elf

Don’t remember the guy’s name, I’ve been married for 31 years, but I got stuck with the “other” guy that was with my friend. Of course, my friend’s guy didn’t call her again, but the one I didn’t want, kept calling me! Had to let him down. — Charlene

I guess one of my worst dates was meeting a guy I had chatted with for over a year online. We meet up and get talking etc.. Go back to his place and he has the dungeon of torture there lol .. Lets just say I hauled my cookies out of there only to have him texting and calling me for days telling me oh that was his past life .. UH YEA NOT !!!  — Tammy

My worst date didn’t last long, because I got stood up! I waited over half-an-hour for this jerk, I was so mad! — Megan

My first date was normal with the sweaty hands at the movie theater. My date drove me home and leaned over for a kiss and we butted noses! We tried again and turned our heads the same way and hit noses again. Finally, he just kissed me on the cheek. He never called me again. Guess I’m pretty luck as this is the worst date I’ve ever had 🙂 — books4me

Back in high school my friend wanted to go out with this guy, but she didn’t want to go along. Plus, the guy had a friend. So, I decided how bad could it be. Ha. Anyway, the guy gave me a creep out vibe, but I was stuck. I might have been a bit rude, but he was creepy and older than me. As I was saying, we went out to dinner. That went okay, but we had sometime to kill. We went to an empty parking lot and dance with the car radio. First off, I thought that was retarded. I guess it would be romantic if I liked the guy. However, I wasn’t. Here’s where it gets creepy. The guy was a cop. Granted I was 18 and he was 25. Well, he tried to get me to dance and I’m like I don’t have if I don’t want to and I know a few cops. He basically told me that he could get away with anything, because he was a cop. I’m thinking oh hell no. We just launched into super creepy guy. The friend was no help, because she was having a good time. I was counting the minutes till it was over. After the movie was over I decided that to stay at the friends house for the night. Not like I wanted to have creepy know where I lived. So, that would be one of my worst dates ever.  — Melody

It was a double date favor for a friend. The guy’s name was Brian and he was a total controlling jerk. First time meeting and he thought he knew everything about me, including food likes and dislikes, even what foods I’m allergic to. I’m allergic to seafood and shellfish, as in can’t eat them without ending up in the hospital. Well Brian (the jerk) proceeds to tell me that I WILL be getting Shrimp Alfredo and I WILL love it. When I tell him I’m allergic, he proceeds to ask me if I really am or if I’m just trying to be contrary. Needless to say, I told him in some not so nice words what I thought of him and left. My friend, on the other hand, ended up marrying her date. Thankfully, Brian wasn’t at the wedding, lol — Zavara

My worst date was when I was picked up for a “Blind Date” and the guy took me to work with him! At least he was a cook at a restaurant and I got a free meal out of it. I ate and called my best friend to pick me up. I never saw that jerk again! — Kimberly Mayberry




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  • I was 22 and went out on a date with someone I knew for about 10 years we were good friends. I never thought in a million years he would ask me out cause we just weren’t that way. But he did we had a good time at the movies then went bowling but when he took me home he wanted to kiss me goodnight a sweet gesture on his part was that he asked but as soon as he kissed me his tongue was like SANDPAPER it was all I could do from keeping myself from gagging. I tried explaining to him that I didn’t think of him in that way but he didn’t seem to care and yes this was way before the kiss I thought what the hell might as well see if I get butterflies in my tummy but I didn’t. Thank goodness to this day we are still friends!

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