Wish List: July 2012 Edition


As always, please do not query more than one editor within a specific a line (Entangled, Indulgence, Dead Sexy, Flirts, Ever Afters, Brazen, Covet, and Bliss) with your project at a time. Always refer to our submission guidelines for specific instructions.



Stacy Abrams and her Associates (Bliss) want to see:

  • Tycoon-type hero, maybe a boss/employee relationship, forbidden love
  • Older brother’s best friend romance, maybe involving a big family wedding
  • Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years stories featuring someone who has nowhere to be for the holidays and is taken in by their love interest’s family
  • Would LOVE to see anything featuring minority characters!

Submissions for Stacy can be sent directly to stacy (at) entangledpublishing (dot) com. Check out our Bliss Submission Guidelines  for specific instructions! 


Heather Howland  (Entangled, Brazen) wants to see:

  • Sexy contemporary romance for the Brazen imprint to be released in 2012. Would especially love to see more of the intimate strangers, revenge, bait & switch, enemies-to-lovers, and best-friends-to-lovers tropes. Submission guidelines can be found here.
  • Holiday and winter-themed stories for the Brazen line.
  • Intense contemporary YA thriller that’ll keep me reading late into the night. Bonus points if I’m freaked out enough to make my husband stay up with me! Strong romantic elements required.
  • A “brother” book. Examples include SUCH A RUSH and THE BOYS NEXT DOOR by Jennifer Echols, and THE SUMMER I TURNED PRETTY by Jenny Han. These are all YA, but I equally love adult romances with similar plots!
  • A dark, gritty paranormal romance series that’s hero-focused. Think the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Larissa Ione’s Demonica and Lords of Deliverance series, and Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld, but with an interesting twist we’ve not seen before.

Submissions for Heather can be sent directly to heather (at) entangledpublishing (dot) com. Check out our Entangled and Brazen Submission Guidelines for specific instructions! 


Libby Murphy (Entangled, Indulgence) wants to see:

    Romances in all genres set in small towns.

Submissions for Libby can be sent directly to libby (at) entangledpublishing (dot) com. Check out our Entangled and Indulgence Submission Guidelines for specific instructions! 


Adrien-Luc Sanders (Flirts & Ever Afters) wants to see:

All must have HEA, possibly HFN for series: 

  • YA sci-fi novel about space gypsies.
  • Prohibition-era gangland YA novel–girls in newsboy caps and suspenders.
  • Ever After novella looking at alchemical magic with realistic applications of physics and chemistry, with series potential.
  • Ever After novella with a Dexter-ish villain cast as the hero or heroine, with series potential.

Submission for Adrien can be sent directly to adrien-luc (at) entangledpublishing (dot) com. Check out our Flirt and Ever After submission guidelines for specific instructions! 


Ruth Homrighaus (Indulgence) wants to see:

    As always, I’m looking for compelling, fast-paced books for Indulgence with a fresh, entertaining twist on classic category romance storylines. I’d love to see a friends-to-lovers book with a strong conflict, am still hoping for a hot cowboy book or series, and how about a matchmaker whose efforts keep blowing up in her face? For Scandalous, I’d love to see a woman-posing-as-a-man story, or any kind of cross-class romance with the hero and heroine involved in a project/bet together — think My Fair Lady, but sexier!

Submissions for Ruth can be sent directly to ruth (at) entangledpublishing (dot) com. Check out our Indulgence submission guidelines for specific instructions!


Tracy Montoya (Dead Sexy) wants to see:

  • I love dark and gritty stories, but anything goes as long as it’s well-written and VERY fast-paced.
  • Anything set in New Orleans and steeped in the local culture/s.
  • Spies, Spec Ops heroes, and other types of international intrigue/puzzles.
  • Multicultural characters.
  • Historical suspense.
  • Action-adventure stories
  • Kick@$$ (in their own way) heroines—always.

Submissions for the Dead Sexy editors can be sent directly to deadsexy-submissions (at) entangledpublishing (dot) com ATTN: Tracy. Check out our Dead Sexy submission guidelines for specific instructions!


Rochelle French (Dead Sexy) wants to see:

  • Tried and true tropes within the romantic suspense thread: How about a secret baby? Or a marriage of convenience? Or the best friend’s older/younger brother? Enemies to lovers do it for me every time 🙂
  • A bad boy gone good, or good girl gone bad—but completely redeemable and always heroic!
  • A cozy or maybe not-so-cozy murder mystery rife with romance.
  • Still looking for a high quality holiday romantic suspense–lighthearted is fun, as long as you make the reader worried and flipping the page to see how the hero or heroine deal with what the bad guys throw at them.

Submissions for the Dead Sexy editors can be sent directly to deadsexy-submissions (at) entangledpublishing (dot) com ATTN: Rochelle. Check out our Dead Sexy submission guidelines for specific instructions!


Things we aren’t likely to request for Entangled’s main imprint:

  • urban fantasy (no HEA in each book, usually follows the same heroine/hero through series)
  • women’s fiction (unless it leans heavily toward contemporary romance, like THE WHAT IF GUY)
  • chick lit (again, unless it leans heavily toward contemporary romance, like BUSTED IN BOLLYWOOD)

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