Meet the Author: Cari Quinn

Today in our Meet the Author segment, we have Cari Quinn, author of No Dress Required.  Welcome, Cari!


When you are getting ready to start a new book, what’s the first thing you do?

Panic? LOL, guess that’s not a good answer. The first thing I do is probably open a Word document and dive right in. I don’t do a lot of preparation work first, other than writing the book blurb. Coming up with the sexy two-paragraph hook is about the extent of my planning process!

Do you have a favorite author or one whose work has influenced you?

Oh, I have so many! But by far, I’d have to say Nora Roberts. Her book, Public Secrets, was the second romance I ever read and since then I’ve read many of her books. She’s a true word artist and to see my name ranked anywhere near hers on the bestseller lists is a crazy, incredible dream! (As of today, my Entangled Flirt is #17 on Barnes and Noble’s Contemporary Romance list, right next to la Nora’s The Next Always!)

Do you have a favorite scene, passage, or piece of dialogue from your book?

Sure do! In the following passage, Jake and Noelle improvise when they realize neither has come prepared for an intimate evening. I affectionately call this scene the “cling wrap and butter scene” and it’s sexy, so reader beware!

“Where are you going?”

“Nowhere.” Jake helped her to her feet. “Turn around and put your hands on the back of the sofa for me.”

Noelle didn’t think to refuse. Whatever he intended to show her, she ached to learn. When she was in position, he rubbed against her, the full weight of his erection a steady pressure. She let out a sigh. “Is it time for the cling wrap and butter?”

Jake chuckled and slid his arm up between her breasts to grip her shoulder. “No. It’s time for us to get creative.“

She braced herself, unsure of what would come next. “Jake?”

He adjusted his stance so that he could ease his erection between her thighs. At the first slide of his flesh against hers, she gasped. Something so forbidden shouldn’t feel so good. “Just trust me.”

“I do.” With everything.


Do you prefer print books or eBooks?

I was one of those who thought I would never convert to eBooks, but now they’re all I want to read! If a story is in print only, I usually skip it. I’m slavishly devoted to both my Kindle and my Nook.

What’s in the works for you?

A bunch of stuff, actually! In February, I’m releasing a new erotic short novel called Heart Signs from Ellora’s Cave, a story triggered by a billboard advertising a woman looking for a sugar daddy (true story!) My book is a lot more emotional and romantic than that, however. Also coming soon is Virgin Territory, a category length book that will be my second sexy romance, rather than erotic.

I’m also working on a few things for Entangled, namely a followup story to NO DRESS REQUIRED called NO FLOWERS REQUIRED about Noelle’s best friend, Alexa, along with putting together some ideas for a possible cowboy series. Never a dull moment, that’s for sure!


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About No Dress Required

After years of ho-hum dating, Noelle Gregory is tired of fooling around. There’s only ever been one guy for her—Jake Conroy, her best friend’s older brother. Now that Jake’s back in town, she’s headed to his sister’s New Year’s Eve party to make her move. Purse full of condoms? Check. Sparkly dress guaranteed to show Jake the sexy woman she’s become? Check.

Carjacker that makes off with both two hours before the party? Check.

When Jake finds Noelle stranded on the side of the road—looking sexier than ever in her striped socks and silly holiday shirt, damn it—he’s glad for the snowstorm that cancels his sister’s party. His and Noelle’s friendship has tormented him for years, and now, Jake wonders if he should dare to sample what he’s always wanted…and if he’ll be able to walk away when it’s over.

Readers can read Chapter One here:



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