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It’s New Release Monday!

Check out all of our hot new romance this week at Entangled.




Just Past Two by Elia Winters

Abby Burke put her wild days behind her, determined to be the adult she thought she needed to be. It was just a phase, right? But when her college reunion reveals her…adventurous…past to her straitlaced gentleman of a husband, Abby is terrified he’ll reject her.

Except Sam is more than intrigued by what has his normally bold wife flushing with embarrassment…and desire. So when he and Abby stumble onto an especially hot scene that takes them over the edge, he proposes a challenge: confess their deepest fantasies and fulfill them together.

As their playful explorations escalate, their forays into exhibitionism and kink shift the way they see each other and their relationship—for the better. But when Sam finds himself longing to see her pleasured by other men, and Abby’s all in, they wonder if this will make their marriage stronger or end up tearing them apart.

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Shadows You Left by Jude Sierra and Taylor Brooke

ERIK The white picket fence. The happily-ever-after. That life was never meant for him. For years he’s been bouncing from city to city—from one cage fight to another. That’s his outlet. That’s pain Erik can control. But in Seattle, everything changed. River’s an artist. He’s a pretty boy. He does yoga. Someone so soft shouldn’t be intrigued by Erik’s rough edges.

RIVER His life was quiet. He had a simple routine. Designing tattoos, avoiding drama. Well, mostly. Then Erik comes along—scarred and dangerous, shrouded in mystery. A mystery River can’t resist trying to solve. Maybe a secret as dark as his own. Neither of them expected a relationship so complicated, so intense. Neither of them expected…each other. Erik and River are both trying to escape a shadowed past. But the thing about shadows is: the faster you run, the faster they chase you.

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