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Covet’s new Editorial Director, Candace Havens, is looking for fresh, creative, sexy new voices to bring onto Entangled’s Covet line! With a glimpse into what she wants to put on everyone’s must-be-read list, we hope to read your Covet soon.

Special call or not, we are always on the lookout for 50k-70k full-length Covets. We love alpha heroes, tough heroines, and spicy romance mixed in with a little magic. Think contemporary romance with a dash of paranormal. Some of the stories are light, others darker. Heat levels can vary.  Regardless, romance is key, as is it being in a contemporary setting with strong category tropes. Some time travel will be considered, but preference is given to stories set in the here and now, or near future.

Some things we’d love to see:

– A great ghost story, but not where the hero or heroine is a ghost!  Just ghostly elements, please
– Gargoyles and other less familiar paranormal beings.
– Contemporary gothic
– Mythologies from other cultures
– Some of our favorite tropes are enemies to lovers, boss/employee, reformed playboy, paranormal military special ops series, ugly duckling, royalty, and I’d love to see a protector trope flipped so the heroine is the bodyguard! Also, we want a fantastic friends-to-lovers story with tons of sexual tension
– A witch book (or books!) along the lines of Kimberly Frost’s Southern Witch series

We can’t wait to see what you send us! Please submit all manuscripts here.

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