Indulgence Gets A Cover Makeover–Vote for Your Favorite and WIN!

Mar 11, 2013 by

Yes, Indulgence gets a makeover!

We have re-designed our Indulgence covers, starting with our spring releases!

We’re insanely excited about them and as our wonderful readers, you get the first look at them, right here at our blog! There’s also something fun for you at the end of this post,  so keep reading!

Without further delay, here are our new covers…!


All the Way 500pxTemptedbyTrouble 500pxTheCinderellaMakeover-500pxA Risk Worth Taking-500pxHis Southern Temptation 900pxFamouslyEngaged-900pxDatebyMistake-500px9781622660735_FCWife in Name Only 900px
Talking Dirty With the CEO 900pxMergerToMarriage_500pixFakingIt-500px

That’s not all, you can even win one of these books!

Excited? Just tell us which cover’s your favorite by commenting below and one lucky winner will get a copy of that book! What are you waiting for? Comment away!


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  1. I don’t know which is my favorite. I really love All The Way, Faking It, and The Baby Bargain though.

  2. kp

    it’s a tie between All the Way and Faking It….love the new look!

  3. Mary Jo Toth

    I am struggling between 2 – All the Way and The Baby Bargain. Final answer, All the Way. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  4. Sharon C

    I have to say my favorite is All the Way by Jennifer Probst! I’ve read the book and love it! My next favorite would be a Risk Worth Taking!

  5. They are all fab, though I have to vote for Tempted by Trouble. The book is fantastic. Can’t wait to get to the others.

  6. Jane Hunt

    Great covers. I really like ‘A Risk Worth Taking’ best. Understated. Makes you want to read more. 🙂

  7. Slick Reads

    Ah, a subject I love….cover talk! All The Way is the most tantalizing. I love the positioning of the models on this one, it’s sexy without giving it all teases the senses. I adore the simplicity of A Risk Worth Taking but hate, hate when the heads are chopped off on book covers. The Cinderella Makeover, love the pose and the woman’s shoes…plus it makes me want to rip the guy’s suit off…so yeah that’s a pretty effective cover.

  8. hmmm a tie between A Risk Worth Taking and A Baby Bargain 😀 They are all great!

  9. Melissa

    Hm, I’d have to say Date by Mistake would be my favourite.

  10. Joanne B

    I like The Baby Bargain with the sexy, bare-chested guy with a tattoo. Yum!!!!

  11. Alyssa

    All the way by Jennifer Probst!!

  12. Lindsay P. (Canada)

    I have to say, I love the new style. It’s very modern and really draws the attention.

    As for my favorite? I have to say, I like the cover for All The Way the best. I like the deeper color of pink and the color match between the word Way and the heroine’s shirt.

    Second would be A Risk Worth Taking. The contrast between the author/title and the pose really draws the eye and ramps up the tension before I’ve even cracked open the book.

    But although it doesn’t make the short list, I think Date By Mistake or Faking It is probably the book I’d most like to read. Both titles and tag lines sound fun and flirty and just like the kind of thing I’d like to lose myself in.

    Truth be told, they all draw the eye. The bright green-on-blue of Tempted By Trouble and the orange-on-monochrome of The Baby Bargain steals my attention as well. Not to mention, I’m marrying a geek so The Cinderella Makeover sounds right up my alley.

  13. I think I like Date By Mistake the most but All the Way is a close second.

  14. Angela W

    I like the Baby Bargain.

  15. Goodness I would have to go with Faking It. But they are all great, but my fave is Faking It.

  16. I’m going to go with Probst’s All the Way but the anthology Date by Mistake is a close second. I think I’m just a sucker for that almost-kiss.

  17. Nicola

    Ooo Talking Dirty With The CEO. It’s his back that does it for me…those shoulders. Followed by All The Way, the possibility of a kiss…very romantic (along with his abs)

  18. I love them all but my favorite would have to be All the Way by Jennifer Probst.

  19. LOVE these new covers! And picking a favorite is tough, but in the end it has to be “A Risk Worth Taking”. Absolutely swoon-worthy

  20. The Baby Bargain! Great picture. Everything has a purpose, even his hand placement!

  21. MarcieR

    I like “A Risk Worth Taking” by Victoria James. I like how the heroine’s hands cover the hero’s.

  22. Misty

    The Cinderella Makeover…Love men in suits!

    Congrats on the cover makeover, they look great.

  23. My favorite is All the Way, and I also like The Baby Bargain. These are great covers! 🙂

  24. Jan

    Has to be Talking dirty with the CEO by Jackie Ashenden 🙂

  25. Sam Tucker

    They all draw me in, but I’m going to say Wife In Name Only. That’s HEA, right there on the cover!

  26. I’m voting for Famously Engaged and Talking Dirty!

  27. The Baby Bargain!

  28. Cris H

    I’m a water baby, so love the Wife in Name Only cover – it’s super gorgeous!

  29. Evelyn D

    My favorite cover is All The Way! It is sensuous without being too graphic iterates you wanting more

  30. Christina

    They are all great, but my favorites are Famously Engaged and a Risk worth Taking

  31. Sarah

    These covers are all fab but I’m absolutely dying to read His Southern Temptation so I’m going to have to give that one my vote!

  32. Famously Engaged really caught my eye with the gorgeous colors!

  33. LOVE the colors and pose on Robyn Thomas’ cover!

  34. Pat F.

    I have to say His Southern Temptation by Robin Covington. I am from the south after all…… 😉

  35. It’s the water that pulls me in most to Hayson Manning’s “Wife in Name Only”. There has to be an extra element on the cover that tells me more about the story for me to find out more and that Auckland skyline would get me buying Jackie Ashenden’s book too. I do like the little tempters though – “tonight the geek is going to get the guy” – I say hooray!

    And what a great line up of authors for March!

  36. lorrie zielinski

    I would have to go with Wife in Name Only

  37. Cynthia D.

    These covers are gorgeous, so difficult to pick just one…but All The Way and His Southern Temptation really stick out. His Southern Temptation is Hawt. 😉

  38. Veronica

    I really like the Famously Engaged (loving the purple background) and A Risk Worth Taking (because it seems really simple) covers

  39. winnie

    I like Famously Engaged 🙂

  40. Natalie

    I love the Date by Mistake cover!

  41. heather

    His Southern Temptation. Hhhooootttt

  42. Ann Cameron

    I like’Faking it’ and ‘The Baby Bargain’, because they’re clean and crisp without too many other colours fighting for attention. Of these two, I think ‘Faking It’ is my favourite. It’s classy! I like the attention on the H/H with co-ordinating, but muted backgrounds. 🙂

  43. Kendra J.

    Faking It is my favorite cover.

  44. I like muted colors in “The Baby Bargain” by Jennifer Apodaca and the jeans/white tank combo on “A Risk Worth Taking” by Victoria James.


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