Romance, what catches your eye?

Aug 18, 2012 by

Romance is a wonderful thing. We all enjoy a bit of it in our lives and most of us love reading romances. Not everyone starts reading romances at a young age. I speak from experience. I was 42 when I started reading romances. As some of you gasp at the horror of waiting too long, for me, in my mind, I had reasons. Not good ones at times, but I had them all the same.

I grew up in a household with my mom writing and reading romances novels. I would end up going to her writing group meetings to hear other romance writers talk about their work. For a young girl it was yawning time as I listened–or should say not listened to the banter between the writers. I knew then I didn’t want to read anything. All I wanted to do was draw and paint.

Then one day I picked up a copy of a mystery by Lillian Jackson Braun and was captivated.  I was in my late 20’s when I started reading and mysteries were all I wanted to read for almost 20 years. Until I started blogging with book reviews and promoting authors.  One author asked me to read her romance. I was so surprised how much I enjoyed the book…and I started reading more.  Yes, 42 is an older age to pick up a romance, but worth it everyday.

What catches my eye in romance?  The covers! Lets face it with the hot models they have these days, you don’t want to miss a hot read.


What catches your eye? When did you start reading romances?

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