Six Sentences by Cate Lord

Oct 30, 2011 by

Lucky Girl is the fun contemporary romance.

“Fun, fast-paced, fabulous. Jess Devlin is an American Bridget Jones!”
New York Times bestselling author Lori Wilde

Cate Lord, who also writes as Catherine Kean, has given us six sentences from LUCKY GIRL.  This takes place in a nightclub in England. The American heroine Jess and British hero Nick are dancing together and she can barely resist her desire for him:

Walk away, Jess. Go!

My stubborn legs refused.
As though he sensed my dilemma, Nick’s lips eased into a racy grin.  His gaze fell to my mouth.  I remembered days ago, rising up on tippy toes and pressing my mouth against his.

What would he do if I kissed him right now?


What does she do?  Check out Lucky Girl and find out!

And for an extra bonus 6 Sentence Sunday, visit Laura Kaye and see what’s happening in North of Need!



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